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For Mores - One Name Matches All ! After years of Research and Development, For Mores is like its slogan which is able to design, develop and customize a variety of molds and rubber products. Our custom rubber products are extensively used on「Automotive industry, Semi-conductor industry, Oil, Gas
Gasket,Grommet,Packing,O-ring,Seal Washer
•Compression &  injection molding
O-Ring Kit
AS 568A &  JIS B2401  series

About Us

FOR MORES Rubber Co., Ltd. started as JING XING Electronics in 1982, Lukang, Taiwan. We designed and assembled electronic switchboards and distributed other countries to Asia.

With Vertical Integration, Zhang Bin Trading was established in 1995 to provide electronic components, Rubber O Ring products and began to extend our business into the western world.

In 2003, For Mores Group established its headquarter in Lukang to manufacture rubber products in order to develop core competency and provide competitive advantages to worldwide customers.

Now, we specialize in new product development which design and customize a variety of molds and rubber products to meet specific applications and needs of customers. Our company regards serving as first, quality is the top priority. Our strategies are to renew production and inspection equipments continuously, expect the most advanced equipments, the most effective and efficient production process and the strictest quality control to create value to our customers.

Our main products are included : Custom rubber products, O Ring, Oil seal, X-ring, V-seal, Back up ring, Rubber packing & seal, Rubber parts, Rubber Feet, Shock Absorber Seal, O-ring Cords, O-ring kit, Sanitary Ware Packing, Hardware rubber parts, Rubber auto parts, Hydraulic Seals, Washer, Gasket & Packing, Rubber to mental/plastic/fabric products, Silicone caps & plugs and other waterproof dust-proof rubber products. The raw material included "NR, SBR, BR, EPDM, CR, NBR, ACM, SILCON,FKM "